When a cancer patient gets treated in an emergency room, is that really a sign of health care quality?

An internal medicine physician at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has come up with a way to figure that one out.The study, published in The American Journal of Medicine, looks at how much patients at an emergency department were able to get through an hour of surgery and concludes that, for patients who received …

What are internal medicine internal medicine substitutions and what are they for?

Internal medicine internal specialties cover a wide range of topics from clinical care, emergency medicine, neurology, internal medicine pediology, family medicine, cardiology, otolaryngology, pediatrics and pediatric surgery.This article first appeared on NHL.com.

A medical history of coronavirus: ‘We’ve all got this disease’

From the moment the virus was discovered, a lot of doctors have been saying, “What are we going to do?We’ve all had this disease.”And that’s just the first line of the answer.We’ve heard it, it’s been a part of our everyday life for decades.So it’s not surprising that we’ve all kind of been in denial, …

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