The internal medicine workforce in the United States is booming, but there’s a problem for those who want to work there.

A growing number of physicians are seeking positions in specialty hospitals like Yale University’s Children’s Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, and the Mayo-Northeastern University Medical Center.

The internal medical jobs in the U.S. are booming, and many are now taking advantage of a program known as Hire America to fill those vacancies.

The program was created by the federal government in 2011 and gives eligible Hire American employers a tax break for recruiting candidates from outside the country.

The Hire Americans program is not meant to be an admission that foreign doctors aren’t good at medicine.

Rather, it is designed to lure foreign doctors who are looking for the same opportunities as American doctors.

But a growing number are choosing to leave their home countries to take up the HireAmerica positions.

In recent years, the Hiring America program has become one of the fastest growing sectors in medical recruiting.

Since the program was first implemented in 2011, more than 6,000 foreign doctors have applied for positions in the nation’s medical schools, according to a study published in March in the journal American Journal of Public Health.

The study found that a large majority of the applicants are from Asia, with Asian applicants making up about half of the incoming class.

The data is even more troubling for Hire Americans.

According to a 2016 report by the American Medical Association, Hire Americas applicants from the Asian community have a nearly 10-fold higher chance of being admitted to residency than Hire Indian applicants, a group of mostly African-American doctors.

In a recent interview with NPR, an Hireamerican doctor said he felt “betrayed” by the Hires program and that the Hays office “is the worst in the country.”

The American Medical Society has spoken out against the HIs hiring practices and the HAs own hospital board has called for the elimination of the Hiawatha residency program.

The American Psychological Association has also expressed concern about the Hias hiring practices.

“It’s been an issue, particularly over the last couple of years, where I think there’s been a growing trend in hiring foreign-trained doctors,” said Dr. Eric Lippert, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego.

“I think a lot of people feel like they’ve been cheated out of the best and brightest medical minds.”

But for many HireAmericans, the recruitment process can be overwhelming.

For many, finding a job in medicine has been tough.

One patient in her 70s who had recently been discharged from the hospital said the Hains office was “kind of scary.”

“It felt like the whole hospital was closing, and I was just waiting for someone to tell me that it wasn’t a big deal,” she said.

“Because I’m a Korean American, I’m not really used to that.

And I’m very lucky to have a doctor who can help me.”

Many of the patients have spent months trying to convince their doctors to accept them as Hires, and they say the Hates don’t always seem to want to talk to them.

For example, the patient who was rejected by the Yale Hires office says that she and her husband tried to persuade her to join them, but her doctor insisted she should stay in the hospital.

“He said that he would go back to Korea and come back to visit us,” she recalled.

“And that’s how I got my discharge, I was not allowed to come back.

He said I could come back in four months.”

Another patient, who had been rejected by Yale Hains, said her doctor was “really, really good at talking to people.”

When she told her doctor she wanted to join her, he told her she would have to wait for him to return.

“Then he said, ‘No, we’re not doing that.

We want to keep you here,'” the patient said.

When the patient finally got a call from her doctor that she was accepted, she said she was surprised.

“We’re still waiting for him,” she added.

“His response was ‘No you can’t come back because you’re a Korean, and we’re going to send you back.'”

The patient was so disappointed that she asked the hospital why they rejected her, to which the doctor responded that “I don’t know what the difference is between a Korean and a Korean.”

In addition to the Hares, the New York Times reported last month that the largest number of foreign doctors are taking up positions in hospitals in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and parts of Texas.

The paper cited a 2015 survey that found about half the incoming physicians from China were interested in Hire, with about half coming from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.

Other hospitals in the region are reporting similar numbers of applicants.

And according to the American College

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