The former NBA player Jordan Clarkson is an advocate for change in the way men are treated.

In his new book, Jordan Clarkson, an advocate of the change he experienced as a player, says he’s not afraid to speak his mind on the topic.

“My mother would tell me, ‘No one ever asked you what you thought,’ ” Clarkson said in an interview with ESPN.

I would say that the way I was treated as a child and as a young man, was never something that was acceptable.

My mother said, ‘You’re a man and you’re going to do the right thing.’

“And I would say, ‘Yes I am.'”

Clarkson says the experience changed him from a man who was always concerned with the well-being of others, to one who wanted to make change for the better in his community.

“The only way to change something is to do something about it,” Clarkson said.

The former Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic and New York Knicks star is the author of the book, “The Courage to Fight Back,” which is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

It is the first memoir of its kind by a prominent athlete.

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