The symptoms of chronic pain are often similar to those of many other illnesses, and there are many medications available that can help manage symptoms, but it’s not always easy to get started.

For many chronic pain patients, it can be even more difficult to find the right treatment.

That’s where a holistic approach can come in handy.

“We know that in many patients the primary diagnosis is pain, and the primary therapy is opioids,” says Dr. James Kupfer, a family medicine physician and author of “Cultivating Pain Relief.”

“We are trying to figure out what the pain is, what the symptoms are, what’s the treatment that works best for you.”

The goal is to identify the root cause of chronic illness, which could help patients navigate the complicated path to a holistic treatment approach.

For example, many chronic illnesses involve inflammation, a hallmark of inflammation-related diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease.

“You may have inflammation in your joints, but inflammation is not the same thing as pain,” Kupfersays.

“Pain is the inflammation.”

So, Kupfiersays, a practicing family physician, and his wife, Michelle, founded their own health care company, which has become known as Integrative Medicine (IM).

Kupfdersays believes that IM is more than just a pain management service.

“IM is about bringing in new knowledge, new treatments and new tools that will help us manage our pain,” he says.

KupFersays and Michelle Kupffersays have developed a new type of pain management tool called the “CBD Therapy.”

It’s designed to help treat chronic pain with a simple but effective treatment, according to the company.

“It’s really just a very simple technique,” Kapfersay explains.

“The way it works is you take an anti-inflammatory drug, and you use that to treat inflammation.

You don’t have to do anything complicated.”

“The best way to manage pain is to go back to basics” Kupflersays says.

“Go back to the basics.”

In addition to using a variety of drugs to treat chronic conditions, Kapflersay says, it’s important to understand that there is a difference between inflammation and pain.

“There is a lot of overlap in terms of inflammation, pain, inflammation,” Kaps say.

“That’s where the difference comes from.

So what we’re trying to do is help patients understand that and then use it to their advantage.”

“You have to start by recognizing that there are things that can be done for chronic pain, that can also help you manage other conditions,” says Kupffer.

“For example, you can take some aspirin and then take ibuprofen.

There are a number of things that you can do to reduce inflammation, and also decrease pain.”

The best way for chronic illnesses to be managed is by identifying the cause and treatment.

Kapffersay adds, “I think the biggest lesson that people learn is that inflammation is a very difficult thing to manage.”

“I feel like I’m living in a nightmare,” says Mihal Caspi, a 27-year-old mother of four who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Caspios has chronic pain due to her work in construction.

“I’m on the couch and I have to sit all day,” she says.

Cascio, who suffers from fibromyophobia, has had many medications for chronic ailments, but she says they weren’t helping her.

“At the time I had to take three or four different drugs and it took my head off.

I was so angry that I just wanted to die,” she explains.

Cipis was diagnosed with chronic fibromyrosis and spent a year and a half on a waiting list.

But when she finally got off the list, she found that she was able to get her pain under control with the CBD Therapy.

“When I started, I couldn’t really function,” Caspias says.

Then, after she was treated with the drug, she started feeling much better and was able go back at work.

“And when I started taking it, I felt like I could go back into my career,” she adds.

Now, Caspis is an award-winning journalist and a television host, and she is one of the few people who is still alive with fibro.

“After I was on the waiting list, I had a feeling like I was going to die.

And I just knew I had cancer,” she admits.

But she’s now living a normal life, and is now in remission from fibro’s debilitating effects.

“Before I was diagnosed, I was a total wreck.

I had chronic pain and I was afraid to go out,” she recalls.

“Now, I’m able to do all the things that I want to do. I have a

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