Internal medicine physician Ramesh Ramesha Bharti is leading a group of doctors in Cleveland, Ohio, to promote a new strategy for managing the complications of diabetes.

Dr. Bhartis group is called the “Internal Medicine Team.”

It has been formed to help patients with diabetes and other complications of their condition.

Dr Bhart’s team, which includes Drs.

Lakhani Khurana, Dr. Vasant Dhar, Drs Ramesesh Sharma and Dr. Vishal Gupta, is working with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop a new approach to treating complications of type 2 diabetes.

The team is seeking input from diabetes patients, who are often reluctant to seek help from specialists, and is working on creating a database of doctors who specialize in diabetes care.

Dr Srinivasan Nair, associate professor of internal medicine at Cleveland Clinic, said the goal of the group is to get doctors to use their clinical experience in treating diabetes to guide their care of the diabetes patients.

“If we can do it with their medical training, that’s great,” Nair said.

“But they may be hesitant to take that on if we don’t have experience with it.”

The new strategy focuses on three main areas: diabetes management, chronic health care and treatment of the underlying cause of diabetes, or insulin resistance.

Dr Nair also said the team will use this experience to develop strategies for other conditions.

The first step is to create a registry for doctors, including those who have expertise in diabetes, who practice in a specific area of medicine.

The registry will include patients who are already on a medication that is being used for the disease.

Drs Sharma and Gupta will be working with doctors to identify which doctors may be able to provide this type of help.

They will then work with these doctors to find a way to integrate their expertise into diabetes care by training their staff.

Dr Sharma said he has worked with doctors in his practice for a long time and is ready to take on the challenge.

“The whole team has worked together for a number of years and now we have to take this on and really develop a system where we can actually connect with our patients,” he said.

Dr Gupta, who has a specialty in obesity treatment, said he believes the group will help diabetes patients better understand the challenges they are facing.

“It will give them the confidence to ask questions,” he added.

The Diabetes Team is working in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic Health and Hospitals Group to promote the concept of the “internal medicine team.”

Dr Narmada Kulkarni, a clinical instructor in internal medicine and diabetes at the Cleveland Institute of Technology, said she is excited about the team’s focus on diabetes management.

“This is a new field,” she said.

“I think we are going to see a lot of really exciting changes happening.

We need to keep in mind that people with diabetes can get more treatment than people without diabetes.”

Kulkarnis clinic is in a rural area of Cleveland, and the doctors are seeking volunteers.

If you are interested in joining, email [email protected]

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