FourFour two-year-old twins are being treated for a rare, incurable disease in a private hospital.

But when their father is admitted, the twins’ mother is unable to work and the twins, whose parents are divorced, are left to fend for themselves.

The twins, who are both in their early twenties, are in intensive care and have had multiple surgeries, and have not had the care they need, their father, who goes by the name of Joseph, told FourFour Two.

“I’m not saying that the children have been given the best care.

They’re not, they’re not.

But they have a very, very low chance of survival, they have to make do,” he said.

Joseph has made a series of videos on his Facebook page.

He says he is “deeply concerned” about the treatment being given to his two children and the children’s parents.

“The medical staff are being incredibly rude, they don’t understand, they think it’s their fault, they treat me like an idiot.”

It’s not, and the staff in this hospital have done nothing wrong,” he wrote.”

So why don’t they take me on board and get the best treatment possible?

“The videos show nurses in blue scrubs, masks, gloves, gloves and gowns, and an ambulance.

Joseph says the hospital doesn’t have an ambulance, but it has one on standby.

The brothers’ mother, who works in the hospital, was at the hospital to help Joseph with paperwork.”

They didn’t have the staff for her, and she didn’t get to go to the bathroom,” he told FourFiveTwo.”

When I arrived, they put the ambulance on standby for me to get in.

When I got in, I asked them to wait for me.

I had a long wait.

“He said the staff did not provide him with an ambulance and left him to fend.

Joseph says the staff have refused to answer any of his questions, and he has also filed a complaint with the Australian Medical Association, which is investigating.”

That’s what’s going to be the biggest problem.

The medical staff didn’t do anything, and I’ve filed a formal complaint with that,” he explained.”

This hospital is run by private industry, and they have no control over the management of this hospital.

“FourFour Two contacted FourFour for comment.

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