Internal medicine student Katie says she’s found a new social friend on her journey from an autistic child to an adult.

Key points:Katie’s mother says the “social awkwardness” is one of the biggest hurdles to growing up with autismKatie is an adult with autism and uses social media to help her cope with her autismKaty’s mother, Karen, says the biggest challenge for growing up as an autistic person is social awkwardnessKaty has found a number of new friends through social mediaShe said the biggest challenges were finding a group of like-minded people to talk to and being social.

“I find it hard to get people who are like-thinking or social anxious about me because they don’t want to be like that.”

But it’s been good.

“Katy is an internal medicine student who is working on her doctorate in the US.

She said she found a few friends through her social media channels and said the “tough” part of growing up was getting people to relate to her and her autism.”

When I started talking to other people on the internet and they had an autism and were autistic, I was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re an autistic,’ because it’s so weird to see people who have autism and aren’t autistic.

“That’s why I feel like I need to learn how to interact with people, because you know what that is?

You can’t get anyone to like you, and you can’t really get them to relate because it is so different to how they normally relate to people.”

Katie said the hardest part of being an adult in the autism community was “being out in the world” and finding new people to be friends with.

“It’s hard to find a new group of people who would relate to you.

I’m still finding people on Facebook, and I’m like, you know, it’s hard, and it’s really hard, because I’m not an autistic.”

Dr Karen says Katie is a social awkward teenagerKaty was diagnosed with autism when she was in her mid-twenties.

She has autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Asperger syndrome.

Dr Karen said the social awkward phase is something Katie is still working through.

“As she gets older, I feel that the social nervousness is one part of it.”

If you are talking to a person, that’s going to be a part of the experience, but I feel the other part is that she’s going through the social process.

“She’s got social anxiety and she’s not getting the right social cues, and she doesn’t really know how to navigate those in a normal way.”

And so it is difficult for her to do normal things.

“Dr Amy, Katie’s mother said social awkward teens often find themselves isolated and isolated themselves.”

They don’t really understand how they’re different from other people, and that is where they feel isolated, isolated, and they need to find that social circle and that connection to get the support that they need.

“Katyla has autismKatylas father, Peter, said the challenges were harder for Katie.”

Because she has autism and has an autism spectrum, the challenges are going to keep growing because she’s a teenager and she has a disability.

“So she’s got to grow up, and the thing is that the things that she has to learn to cope with, the things she has in her life that she needs to be able to cope, the social thing, the interactions, that are going on in the social world is going to continue to grow.”

Even as a teenager, it still happens, but it’s something that she will have to work through.

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