The most recent wave of self-driving technology has caused quite a stir in California, where lawmakers are debating whether to allow the use of the technology in California’s roads.

But that is not the only place where the technology has been used.

California has been the scene of some of the most rapid and dramatic advancements in the technology, with the use and use of autonomous vehicles having surged dramatically in recent years.

California’s auto industry is in its infancy, with more than 1,000 autonomous vehicle manufacturers, and a few of the state’s largest companies like Google, General Motors and Uber have all built self-propelled vehicles.

But as the industry’s adoption has grown, it has also come under scrutiny for the dangers posed by its self-parking and its drivers, who often face a lot of scrutiny from drivers and pedestrians alike.

The number of self driving vehicles in California has increased by over 1,200% since 2005, with an estimated 1.2 million vehicles on the road today.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were approximately 7,500 accidents in the state in 2015.

According, the most common reason cited by drivers for a vehicle being stopped for an illegal stop was not being able to get out of the car, while the most commonly cited reason for an accident was that the driver did not signal or have a green light.

Accordingly, the California Highway Patrol has reported that nearly half of all self-driven vehicles on California roads are stopped for violation of the “no-passing zone” rule, and that almost two-thirds of all those vehicles involved injuries or fatalities.

California lawmakers have been grappling with the potential consequences of self parking, as well as the dangers of the vehicles’ drivers, since it was introduced into the state constitution in 2015, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

While the California legislature has not been able to pass legislation to limit the use or the vehicles use of these vehicles, a bill that passed the Assembly and is currently before the California Senate has already passed its own version of the bill, which will likely come up for a vote sometime next year.

The legislation, the Automated Vehicle Safety Enforcement and Protection Act, would require that all self driven vehicles have a driver’s license and carry insurance to be registered in the State of California, which would require insurance companies to notify the state that an automated vehicle was being used.

It would also require insurance company to be notified when a self-drive vehicle was involved in an accident.

The bill has been introduced in the Assembly by Assemblyman David Chiu, D-Sacramento, and the Senate version by Assemblywoman Michele Fioretti, D.R.I.

The California Senate is expected to vote on the legislation next month.

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