A doctor from a north Indian city is being hailed as the best Indian of all time, for his work to treat patients with severe respiratory illnesses.

The Times Of India newspaper reported on Sunday that Dr Pramod Chaudhary, 67, was awarded the prestigious honour for his efforts in the field of pulmonary diseases and his efforts to prevent a third world pandemic from unfolding.

The newspaper also reported that Dr Chaudhar was instrumental in helping in the prevention of another pandemic and that he was one of the first Indian doctors to be declared dead in a hospital.

Dr Choudhary was also instrumental in the treatment of the victims of the 2002 Kargil War.

The report also mentioned that Dr Singh Dastur, a retired general who has been credited with saving lives in the war, died in hospital last week.

The paper said that Dr Chandrika Singh, who was also a doctor, has been awarded the honour for her work. 

The Times of Indian also cited an official who claimed that Dr Dastar died of an embolism in a Delhi hospital. 

India’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr K S Radhakrishnan, has said that India’s healthcare system was “unquestionably in a state of emergency”. 

“India is in a very critical period,” he said on Friday.

“It is a critical moment for India.” 

Dr Chaudha is the son of a doctor and was educated at a private school in the Indian state of Rajasthan. 

He joined the Indian Medical Association (IMA) in 1957.

He was appointed the secretary of the Indian Civil Medical Association in 1958.

He retired from IMA in 1960 and became a medical officer of the state of Kerala. 

“I have a dream that one day India will be able to take care of its entire people,” he told the Times of Indie, according to the paper. 

‘I am the first’ The newspaper said that the honour had been conferred in memory of Dr Chandrashekhar, who worked for Dr Chambal in Delhi. 

Dr Chandrashee is remembered as a man of immense integrity, a friend and mentor who loved life, was compassionate and generous.

He helped many others during his tenure at the IMA, said Dr Chathrashekhary, who has now passed away. 

In a letter to the Times Of Indie, Dr Chavaji Singh Chaudhari, a family friend of Dr Chind, said: “He was the first person to treat me with the respiratory disease which was in my lung and was diagnosed as acute mycotic pneumonia.

He treated me as he believed I was the victim of a deadly disease.

He saved my life.” 

The family also paid tribute to Dr Chanchra.

“He is the most important person who ever worked in my life,” Mr Singh Chathra, said in a statement.

“There are no words to express how much I appreciate his efforts.” 

‘We were very happy’ India has been grappling with the spread of respiratory diseases for decades, with coronavirus, the H1N1 pandemic, the Zika virus and other diseases all contributing to an epidemic. 

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan told the Indian Express newspaper that he had been “very happy” about the honour, according to the newspaper. 

Mr Vardhans family said the family would not be accepting any of the awards given by the Indian government, the paper reported. 

On Sunday, the Indian Air Force also issued a statement that honoured Dr Chachari with the Air Medal for his “exceptional service” in the fight against respiratory diseases.

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