Internal medicine physicians in Australia and New Zealand have been urged to use the results of an ongoing trial to advise patients about the potential for a vaccine to prevent the spread of cancer.

The trial, known as the Global Study of Vaccines and Immunotherapies (GSV-12), is looking at how the immune system responds to the same virus in people who have been vaccinated with a recombinant vaccine.

This has led the researchers to recommend the use of a vaccine that is designed to prevent or suppress the virus.

The study has been ongoing since March, and now there are six participants from the US and Australia who are part of the study.

The Australian study will run for three years and the US study will be open for another three years.

Dr Chris Brown, the head of the Australian study and a professor of internal medicine at the University of Sydney, said in a statement that the results were a great example of the science of internal health, but that they also showed that there were other, safer vaccines out there.

“We know vaccines can be a very effective tool for the prevention of disease, but we don’t yet know what vaccines would be able to do to help prevent cancer,” Dr Brown said.

“If the vaccine can do that, and we have found that there are other vaccines that are able to protect against that disease, then that’s a very powerful tool.”

Dr Brown and his team are hoping to have results in the next few weeks from the vaccine.

Dr Brown, who was not involved in the study, said the vaccine has been tested on patients who had already been vaccinated against the coronavirus, and that results showed that it was able to block the virus from replicating.

“The idea that a vaccine can prevent cancer is an amazing, wonderful concept,” he said.

It’s unclear what the benefits of the vaccine are for patients, but Dr Brown thinks it could be important to people who are already at high risk for cancer.

“There’s a chance it may be useful to people with underlying cancer,” he told The Australian.

“It’s the same reason that people with chronic conditions are able and sometimes even encouraged to take aspirin.”

If it is successful, the vaccine could help some people at higher risk of cancer who have not had a vaccine before.

But if the vaccine fails to prevent their cancer, it may not be possible to use it to prevent other cancers.

The Global Study is looking into the effectiveness of a vaccination against the virus that causes the disease.

The researchers are currently testing vaccines designed to protect people against the pandemic influenza, the coronovirus and the herpes virus.

Dr Stephen Langer, an infectious disease specialist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, said there was a big gap in the current research.

“They’re not testing vaccines that protect against these diseases, which is really a big challenge,” Dr Langer said.

He said the results showed it was possible to stop the virus in its tracks, but not in people with cancer.

He also said it was not clear what the benefit of using a vaccine against cancer was, and whether it was worth it for people with other diseases.

“That’s something that needs to be looked at in the future and I think it’s a big question mark for people to make decisions about whether they should or not,” Dr Binder said.

There are currently no vaccines for other types of cancers.

Dr Binders said the findings were important, but more work was needed to understand how the vaccine was used in people.

“I don’t think we’ve really got the whole picture yet,” he added.

“Some of the things we’re learning is that the people that are vaccinated against other types are much more susceptible to other types, but so are the people who haven’t been vaccinated.”

Dr Briers also said the trial was not designed to compare a vaccine with another vaccine.

“To be very clear, the only reason to look at this in this context is because there’s some of the vaccines that were used to protect us against other diseases, and they may have been able to prevent these diseases but the question is, why did they not stop the cancer?”

Dr Brown added that it would be interesting to know if the researchers could find a vaccine for cancers that were not being fought.

“What we’ve been looking at is that we know there’s other vaccines out on the market that have been shown to work and to be very effective in reducing cancer,” she said.

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