The internal medicine residency program at Albany’s Albany Medical Center is at the heart of a crisis of internal medicine at the state’s most prestigious hospital.

It’s been the subject of a wide-ranging investigation by The Albany Times Union.

A recent investigation by the Albany Journal Democrat found that staff there have been repeatedly misdiagnosing patients, making decisions that could lead to them dying.

The Journal Democrat investigation found that over the last five years, Albany Medical College staff has made more than 1,400 patient deaths, and it’s possible that some of those deaths were due to misdiagnoses or incorrect diagnoses.

The investigation found multiple instances where the hospital’s internal medicine program has made inappropriate or unsafe decisions to treat patients.

“We have a very high-quality internal medicine specialty, which is what you need to treat a wide variety of patients,” said Dr. Mark Schoen, a professor of internal and family medicine at Albany Medical School and president of the American Academy of Internal Medicine.

“But when you do things the way they are done in Albany, you end up with a lot of unnecessary, high-risk, life-threatening errors.”

Schoen says the hospital has not always followed its own protocols when it comes to patient care.

He says he was able to see patients who were sicker and more likely to die, but he could not find a single patient who had been diagnosed with cancer.

He also says some of the problems in the Albany internal medicine programs are widespread and are not limited to the Albany Medical campus.

“You could look at a hospital, and they could be anywhere in the state, and that’s where it starts,” he said.

In the case of a patient who needed surgery, the doctors at Albany were not familiar with the specific surgical procedures that were necessary for the patient.

“They didn’t have enough information to really know whether they should do this,” Schoen said.

“I mean, I’m pretty sure that we had to call in all these other specialists who had experience doing internal medicine.

And that was probably not the right call.”

Schmidt says that the problem is even worse when it’s patients who need medical care, not doctors.

“There’s a lot more doctors who are not trained in internal medicine than there are internal medicine doctors,” he explained.

“And that’s why we’re in a situation where patients are dying.”

Schön says he has been on the staff of the Albany medical college since 1998, and he says that it’s been his experience that there are a lot who aren’t qualified for the job.

“It’s not just doctors and nurses.

It also includes medical students, who are a very important part of internal practice,” he told Recode.

Schoen is also concerned that the hospital is not properly trained in its procedures.

“The whole idea of internal medical care is that we have to be trained in the best way possible to identify and treat a variety of diseases,” he added.

“If you have a bad patient, and we don’t know whether it’s cancer or some other condition that’s affecting them, it’s very difficult to treat them and prevent them from dying.”

The internal medicine practice at the hospital requires doctors to have at least two years of experience working in internal medical settings.

The school has been criticized for not having enough internal medicine faculty.

The Times Union reported that over two years ago, the school’s internal medical program was ranked as the fourth-worst in the country.

Schön said that the internal medicine practices at the school have been working overtime to improve their procedures, but that some patients have not been treated correctly.

He said that one patient who was in the hospital for three days had a severe respiratory infection that was worsening, but there was no indication that he was sick.

Schonen says that one of the reasons he thinks the hospital was unable to properly treat him is that he wasn’t in the right place at the right time.

“So that was not a very good outcome,” he remarked.

“We were kind of hoping to do something to help this patient.

We were really trying to save his life, but the situation was not going to work.”

In the investigation, Schoen found that in a number of cases, the patients were given inappropriate diagnoses that led to unnecessary procedures.

For example, the patient had a urinary tract infection and the doctor misdiagnosed it as pneumonia.

The patient was also given a test to determine if he had tuberculosis.

Schoen also found that a patient was given an MRI for a possible tumor.

But after the patient was sent home and returned to the hospital, the doctor did not follow up on the patient and did not perform the scan.

“That’s just not right,” Schön said.

“The whole thing was very poorly thought out,” Schonen continued.

“Some of the things that were happening to this patient, there was absolutely no justification to have an MRI.

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