CALVERT, Utah — An internal medicine doctor who was fired for allegedly lying on a job application and then lying about it to investigators has filed a lawsuit against his employer.

John E. Calvert filed a federal lawsuit against Utah County Hospital and Medical Center in the U.S. District Court in Utah on Monday, claiming he was dismissed from his job as a consultant in May 2017 after he told investigators that he had lied about being fired from his previous job as an internist.

Calvert’s lawsuit alleges that the dismissal was unlawful.

Calvert says his employer told him he was on administrative leave from his last job in October 2017, but it wasn’t until March of that year that he was offered a new job with Utah County.

He says his former employer then fired him after a “suspicion that he lied” about being a contractor.

Calvert filed the lawsuit in Utah County District Court.

Utah County Hospital spokesperson Michelle Smith confirmed the dismissal but wouldn’t comment further.