Medical staff working on President Trump, including a number of veterans who served in Afghanistan, are now getting $50,000 salaries.

The Veterans Administration announced the move Monday.

The announcement comes as President Trump continues to push to expand opioid use as part of his plan to “get the opioid problem under control.”

The VA previously had been paying its top medical staff $90,000 per year.

The decision came as VA Secretary David Shulkin was preparing to testify before Congress in the House about the opioid crisis.

The VA has said that as of this week, more than 1,800 people have died from the drug, with more than 400 of those deaths occurring in the last two months of 2018.

The number of VA hospitals where opioid use has been on the rise has increased in recent weeks.

President Trump has said he wants to use the funds to help veterans and their families.

The plan also calls for $20 billion to address opioid addiction.

“This new payment is another way we are helping our nation’s veterans get back on their feet and to recover from this devastating epidemic,” Shulkins said in a statement.

The new payments are to be made through a two-year pilot program in 2021.

The veterans’ medical staff would receive a total of $50 million per year, up from the current amount of $40 million.

Shulking said the money would help to address a “significant” shortfall in funding.

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has been investigating the VA’s opioid use and prescription drug diversion programs.

The OIG found that VA doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and hospital administrators made more than $5 million in illegal prescriptions during the year of the audit.

VA said it was investigating all allegations of abuse and mismanagement.

The Trump administration has said it is targeting opioid abuse by requiring doctors and pharmacists to report suspicious prescribing and that the administration will be rolling out stricter rules and penalties.

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