Internal medicine is the second most common medical specialty after dermatology.

The average annual salary of an MD is $80,000.

MDs work in offices across the country, from New York City to Los Angeles, and the average MD spends about three hours a week on his or her job.

But while this is a lot of work for a single patient, it’s not a lot compared to what a primary care doctor will be able to do.

Dr. Scott Wrenn, MD, and Dr. Andrew Bresch, MD are two of the top internal medicine physicians in the country.

They specialize in treating patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, and are known for their quality of care and compassionate care.

Their work has earned them both the top honor in the American Association of Internal Medicine’s (AAM) 2016 Medical Care Competitiveness Index.

In 2018, they earned $9.8 million in total compensation, including $1.2 million in base salary, according to Forbes.

Their total compensation came in at $9,868,000, or roughly $80 per hour.

If that’s not enough, the doctors are also on the honor roll for being honored by their peers.


Scott and Andrew have earned the top spot in the AAM’s 2018 Medical Care Leadership Award, and both have earned five times as many top honors.

They are also honored with the American Academy of Internal Medical Specialties Medical Care Excellence Award.

Their top honors come in two categories: their dedication to patient care and their care for their patients.

For example, Drs Scott and Wrens honor their patients by treating them with compassion, making sure that their patients are well cared for, and making sure they are not leaving the hospital without a positive outcome.

When they look at their patients, they see their patients as they want to see them, and they do not want to be left behind.

The pair are also known for treating patients of all types, from those with chronic health conditions to those who have just had a stroke or heart attack.

As a result, the Aam ranks the MDs in terms of the number of visits they make per patient, as well as the number they make for a patient who has not responded to any other treatments.

The top two doctors in the United States for the number and percentage of visits made for their respective groups are Dr. Donald S. Brown, MD and Dr Andrew B. S. Rutherford, MD.

These two MDs are not only the best doctors in America, but also the best in the world at treating chronic conditions.

While they have an extremely demanding schedule, they also have great compassion for their colleagues, as they understand that patients with conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and obesity can be the cause of many of their patients’ medical problems.

To learn more about their work, click here.

Dr Scott Wensch is a general internal medicine physician in Augusta, Georgia.

He specializes in treating chronic diseases.

Dr Andrew S. Rutherford is a primary medical director and internal medicine specialist in Augusta.

Dr Wrenns care includes managing chronic conditions in general practice, as a general internist, and as a primary physician assistant.

The couple is also on Forbes’ annual list of Top 10 Internal Medicine Doctors.

Both physicians have been recognized for their care of their own patients with the AAMA Medical Care Ranking System.

The AAM ranks internal medicine doctors based on the following factors: their patient care, their dedication and patient satisfaction, and their overall dedication to patients and their health.

The annual ranking is based on an assessment of 10 metrics, which take into account patient satisfaction with their care, as compared to other physicians, their patient satisfaction and quality of patient care overall, and a patient’s need for care.

For more information about how the AASM ranks the best medical specialists in the nation, read the full AAM Medical Care Rankings article.

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