NEW YORK — The number of children who were diagnosed with cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses in a three-year period has increased more in states that have been receiving the vaccine, compared with states that were not, a new study finds.

The new study, released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows the rate of new cancers rose by more than 500,000 cases in 2014-15 compared with 2014-16 in 14 states that received the vaccine and one state that received it only.

It is the first large-scale analysis of how the vaccine affects cancer incidence in children.

Researchers say the increase is largely due to a shift in the type of cancer diagnosed.

Previous studies found that the virus was more common in people with a family history of cancer, and that the vaccine made a difference.

The new analysis shows that the new viruses are more common among children in states where vaccination rates were lower.

But the increase in cancers in adults and children in the first two years of the study is not statistically significant, the researchers said.

The study does not include details about the types of cancers that were diagnosed in adults, and the researchers did not track the overall increase in cancer.CDC epidemiologist Jennifer L. Goss said the study found the increase was driven by a shift from COVID in adults to COVID as a whole in children and the rise in adults diagnosed with cancers that are more likely to be fatal.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

It found that children in two of the 14 states with the highest rates of COVID were also the states with highest rates for childhood leukemia and lymphoma.

In 2014-2015, 1,087 people died from COVIS-19 in the U.S., and 617 of those deaths were in children under the age of 6, according to the CDC.

The researchers did a similar analysis for adults.

They found that adults in 14 of the states were at least three times more likely than children to be diagnosed with COVID.

In one of the studies, researchers looked at cases of COVIS among adults and compared that with cases of childhood leukemia.

The researchers found that about half of the adults diagnosed of COVS-19 were diagnosed as adults, while the other half were diagnosed of childhood cancers.

The overall incidence of childhood cancer increased by 6.6 percent in adults between 2014-45 and 2015-16.

In all, there were more than 7.2 million people diagnosed with childhood cancer in the United States in 2014, up from 6.2 percent in 2014 and 5.9 percent in 2015.CDC said there are now 1.3 million children and adolescents in the country who have been vaccinated against COVID, and a record number of them are alive.

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