From the moment the virus was discovered, a lot of doctors have been saying, “What are we going to do?

We’ve all had this disease.”

And that’s just the first line of the answer.

We’ve heard it, it’s been a part of our everyday life for decades.

So it’s not surprising that we’ve all kind of been in denial, or that we’re afraid to admit it, that we have this.

And there are so many things that we don’t understand.

So the reality is, I think most people have this fear of contracting it, but not every one of us has this disease.

And we can’t just say, “We have this,” because that’s not what we have.

So that’s why we need to understand it, we need more people to get it, and we need them to know about it, because that will help us prevent this, not just this pandemic.

So my advice to everyone who is worried about this is, keep an open mind, and have a positive attitude, because I know you have to have this thing to get through this, and to survive it.

But we have to make sure that we educate ourselves about it.

And I think that we should all be in agreement on that.

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