On the eve of the coronavirus pandemic, Annapolis Internal Medicine is taking a hard look at how the coronivirus pandemics have impacted the state.

On Monday, the nonprofit hospital released a report titled “Why we’re here” that highlights the challenges of keeping the city safe.

“As our staff has seen firsthand, we have to be smart about how we address the health care needs of our residents,” the hospital said in a statement.

“We’ve seen how challenging this has been for our hospitals and our patients, and we know that we need to do better.

Our recommendations will address the many challenges that the health system faces in managing these complex health challenges.”

The report lays out a few suggestions for how the hospital might better manage the outbreak: Invest more in long-term care for the most vulnerable of our patients.

Invest in more community care and preventive services for those with underlying health conditions.

Provide additional beds and equipment for nursing home residents who have been at risk of becoming infected.

Develop a more integrated system to support healthcare professionals, caregivers, and other staff, and improve coordination among health care providers, hospitals, and patient care providers.

Invest more money in prevention.

“To be clear, we are not recommending we shut our doors to anyone, but rather that we are going to invest in prevention to the extent possible,” the report says.

The report notes that the hospital is trying to increase its workforce, which has seen a decrease in the number of patients.

And it’s encouraging that the state is investing in long term care for nursing homes residents who need more care, the hospital says.

But the report warns that there’s a lot more work to do.

“With this outbreak, the challenge we face is not just dealing with the short-term crisis of the pandemic itself, but also how we can continue to care for those who have not recovered from the pandemias initial shock,” the study says.

“For example, how can we better connect with our community and community-based organizations to ensure that people who have developed long-standing health conditions have access to health care services, and that community- and state-based leaders are not disconnected from their communities?”

It says the hospital should do a better job of supporting nursing home staff with long- term care needs, and it should increase funding for community-oriented health care.

The hospital has been working to get staff on the ground to deal with the pandics outbreak.

As the hospital prepared to open in 2017, the number one priority was getting the health department’s pandemic response team in place to manage the coronave and other emergencies.

The department also was looking for help to address the pandepics outbreaks in other communities.

“Our focus is on getting our teams ready to support patients as they return home,” Dr. David Gaffney, the vice president for community engagement and outreach, told the Associated Press.

“That includes support to staff at the nursing home, who have a variety of long-duration health issues, as well as those who need to be evaluated for long-stay care needs.”

And Gaffey said that as part of that effort, he’s asked staff to do their part to provide assistance for the homeless.

“If we’re able to help our staff and patients, we will have helped a lot,” Gaffrey told the AP.

“So we’ll have to continue to work on it.”

In April, Gaffay said that his staff was working to meet their needs in order to help patients.

“There is a lot of support at the community level, and so we want to be helpful to those that are going through some of the challenges that they are experiencing,” Gafney said.

“But we have also seen a tremendous amount of community support, and the support we’ve received has been overwhelming.”

And as the pandecosts threat fades, so too does the need for emergency care.

In February, the AP reported that the number-one priority for many people who’ve come down with the coronavia infection has been getting help to get home.

“While our community is struggling to cope with the challenges, we know the people in need are our neighbors, our family members, and our loved ones,” Giffney told the news agency.

“It’s a very difficult time for our families and our friends, and for the people who are dealing with this, it’s going to be very difficult to stay healthy.

And we need everyone who has come down to the hospital and is now experiencing respiratory illness, and those who are suffering respiratory illness to get the support and care they need.”

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