Tuscaloosia, Alabama – A local doctor’s union is urging legislators to end the practice of paying sick and injured workers to avoid the state from going into default.

The Alabama Hospital Association released a statement on Thursday calling on lawmakers to “protect health and safety” and to “restore the integrity of the physician workforce” in the state.

The hospital association said it is working with its colleagues in the Alabama Hospital and Healthcare Association (AHHA) to push back against the pay discrimination that occurs across the state, with the goal of ending it.

The AHHA said in its statement that the AHHA and its members have already worked together to address pay discrimination.

They said the union has received more than 50 complaints from doctors in the past four years and is working to address any remaining concerns.

The union is also urging lawmakers to pass legislation that would prohibit hospitals from paying sick, injured, or disabled employees to avoid default.

It said lawmakers should also “prohibit hospital-related pay discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, disability, or age.”

The AHAA has been working with the state’s hospital board to address the issue of pay discrimination in Alabama.

The board is expected to take up the issue in the next few weeks, according to the AHCA.