From birth to the end of life, women are often asked to decide whether to have a C (caesarean section) or an I (intrauterine insemination) birth.

But while women have the right to choose, they have a legal right not to have the procedure.

And yet, it’s not easy to get an accurate answer.

Read more about caesareans in this article: What is a C-, I-, and II-section birth?

In the U.S., caesaring in the U-23 category is restricted to pregnant women who are not yet 21 and pregnant women in the age group of 24 and older.

For the most part, caesaries are conducted by midwives who are trained to provide safe and pain-free childbirth for the most vulnerable women in their community.

But many women who have already been through the birth process are uncomfortable having a C or I-section because of its long wait time, which is often four to six weeks after birth.

The birth of a child requires careful planning.

To prepare the baby for its future, the mother must learn about the medical risks of the procedure and how to prepare the uterus and cervix for birth, as well as the risks of labor and delivery and the complications of labor.

During the birth, the baby’s heart rate and blood pressure may drop to a low level, which can be a major concern if the baby is born prematurely or is born with a serious head injury or a severe spinal cord injury.

For this reason, caresis is usually performed by midwife or family physician.

The midwife will provide a pre-operative assessment, discuss the risks and benefits of the caesarian procedure and decide on the safest and most effective delivery method.

While most women who receive caesares can safely give birth naturally, some women with pre-existing medical conditions may not be able to achieve natural vaginal birth.

These women may have to have surgery or a caesary.

In these cases, the doctor will often perform a C, II- or I-, or both, to deliver the baby at home, or by assisted delivery.

The doctor will perform the delivery by caesa, the same procedure used for in vitro fertilization, or artificial inseminations.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends caesarias for the following reasons: 1.

These surgeries are more difficult than vaginal birth because the uterus must be opened for the baby to be delivered.


The surgeon has to open the uterus from both sides and insert a suture in the cervix.


The surgery must be performed under anesthesia and the hospital must be able and willing to handle complications such as bleeding and infection.


The hospital must have the resources to accommodate a wide range of people.


The caesarsarean procedure is typically performed in the operating room, so the surgeon has more time to prepare.


The procedure requires more time than vaginal births, so it’s usually performed in a private room or a private clinic.


The operating room requires more space, so there’s less chance of infections and the surgeon can do a more accurate job.


The anesthesia and medical monitoring must be on a regular basis.


The surgical team has to be highly trained.


The baby will be delivered in a safe environment.

The most common complications after caesaria include:1.

Inflammation, bleeding, and infection of the uterus, cervix, or baby’s head.2.

A rupture of the membranes around the baby, which may cause hemorrhaging and a decrease in oxygen levels.3.

An increased risk of infection or infection-related complications in the birth canal.4.

Bleeding in the labor and postpartum period.5.


Increased risk of preterm birth and low birth weight.7.

Aortic stenosis.8.

Difficulty getting the baby into the birth seat.9.

A loss of blood pressure during labor.10.

Abdominal pain.11.

Low oxygen levels in the blood during labor and after birth after an epidural.12.

Difficulty passing blood through the vaginal canal.13.

Difficulty in removing the baby during labor or delivery after an I- or II-cut or caesacutaneous caesartomy.14.

Low blood pressure.

To learn more about how caesarians can improve your baby’s chances of a healthy birth, talk to a midwife.

Find a midwives midwifery referral for your area.

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