I don’t want to be a doctor, I just want to help others with their illnesses.

That’s how I came to join Ohsu Internal Medicine.

After a few months of training, I’m now working with doctors in a variety of settings, from hospitals and nursing homes to hospitals, hospitals and primary care.

I’ve helped patients navigate the complex system and I know how to help doctors understand it better.

I have a background in infectious diseases and have been doing that in my previous roles, as an internist, and as a physician.

I’m passionate about my patients, so I want to make sure that I understand them and help them get through the process.

I have a passion for educating the public on how to effectively use and manage healthcare resources, and I’m particularly excited about how healthcare is becoming a major part of my work.

My primary focus is on primary care and prevention.

I work with patients in their homes, as well as at community hospitals, and am also a registered nurse in the United Kingdom.

In addition to helping people who are struggling with their health, I am also focused on increasing patient access to healthcare.

I help people navigate the system, make diagnoses, provide referrals and coordinate care, all while making sure everyone gets the help they need.

I believe healthcare is one of the most under-appreciated areas of health care.

That includes healthcare for the elderly, the disabled, and those with chronic illnesses.

As a healthcare provider, I also work to help patients access their own medicine and get informed through our website.

We do everything from finding the right treatment for a problem, to managing the medication, to ordering it.

I also do research and make recommendations for patients who have questions.

I hope to help improve healthcare for everyone.

I like the idea of being able to see what’s going on with your patients and being able help them understand and navigate their own healthcare, as I have done over the years.

I think it’s important to help people understand what is going on in their own health care system.

My primary focus has been on primary health care and the elderly.

My other areas of expertise include nursing home care, mental health, physical health and primary prevention.

In addition to my primary roles as an internal medicine physician, I work as an emergency medicine physician and as an orthopedic surgeon.

When I was in primary care, I did my residency training in respiratory care and cardiology.

During my residency, I worked with a number of people with lung and heart conditions, including people who had heart attacks, strokes and deaths.

I used the same techniques and approaches as an external physician.

When I became a primary care physician, my training was primarily focused on primary healthcare.

My work has included treating patients with respiratory diseases, heart failure and stroke, as they are more commonly diagnosed in the elderly and with chronic illness.

I use my experience as an ICU physician to manage acute illness in our community and to manage chronic disease in our health care environment.

After my residency I worked as an oncologist.

I worked in primary health, primary prevention and as our primary care doctor in the intensive care unit.

My specialty was cardiology and I worked to manage patients with lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

I am passionate about helping our patients manage their own disease, and have worked in multiple settings and with different patients in the past.

Like many of my colleagues, I enjoy helping people and seeing the outcomes of their care.

As a primary health doctor, it’s my goal to be able to help my patients and their families live with the greatest level of dignity.

Ohsu Internal medicine is located in Ohsu, in the heart of the University of Georgia.

We provide quality care in an environment that is conducive to healthy living, and it is our mission to ensure that everyone is able to participate in a holistic and compassionate approach to healthcare for all.

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