The state of Alabama is currently facing a shortage of doctors, and there’s a reason why.

Birmingham Medical Center and Alabama Medical Center are the only two facilities in the state with a shortage.

But while doctors are working to fill the gap, the Birmingham Center of Internal Medicine says that’s not enough to keep up with the demand.

The hospital is trying to raise the bar by hiring more doctors.

The clinic has about 2,200 doctors, including about 800 internal medicine specialists, and another 500 registered nurse practitioners, or RNs, and other health professionals.

But according to the Alabama Medical Association, there are currently no vacancies for physicians.

That means the center has to hire more doctors to meet the demand, said Dr. Mike Davis, a spokesperson for the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Birchland is currently looking for a new chief physician, and Davis said it may be months before that happens.

But Davis says the state should also take advantage of the fact that the Birmingham Medical Center has a waiting list.

He said that means the wait for a doctor can be extended for weeks or even months, and that could lead to unnecessary waiting time.

“If you have a list that long, there’s going to be a delay in finding a doctor,” Davis said.

Davis said the state has also taken steps to increase the number of doctors on its waiting list, including the hiring of a nurse practitioner and the creation of an additional training program.

Birchington has hired about 700 nurses and physician assistants, and they’ve all been able to train the doctors, Davis said, adding that they also have the help of a new recruitment manager.

Davis said the clinic has also been able find other ways to help the doctors.

“We’ve taken an additional step by offering a voucher to any of the doctors who’ve received training from us, and the vouchers will be transferred to any new physician who wants to enroll in the training program,” he said.

Birthington is not the only hospital to be struggling with doctors.

A number of other hospitals are struggling with a lack of qualified doctors.

The Birmingham Health System is the only health care system in Alabama that has a shortage in internal medicine.

The hospital is facing an estimated $1 billion shortfall, and it needs to hire at least 2,000 internal medicine doctors by December.

Birketon Health System has about 1,000 doctors, but they have been unable to train them, Davis added.

Birkensted Health System and the Medical Center of Excellence are the other two facilities with a shortfall.

Birkdale Health System also has a shortfall of 1,600 doctors, according to a recent report by the Alabama Association of Health Plans.

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