A lot.

The National Emergency Medical Care Survey found that a typical hospital outpatient visit costs about $9,200, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

That means a hospital stay of nearly four hours can cost $10,000 in out-of-pocket costs.

The cost for the average visit to the emergency room could be even higher, depending on the nature of the emergency and whether or not a patient has a pre-existing condition.

If a patient doesn’t have a pre:complaint, they could be charged much more.

But that’s not necessarily the case.

In the survey, more than half of those surveyed said they were charged more for emergency room care than they should have been.

For a patient to be charged more, they must have a complaint, and there are two common ways that patients can be charged.

First, they can be assessed for pre-existent conditions, which is not legal.

If they have pre-disorders that were diagnosed at the hospital, the hospital can claim reimbursement for their services.

But those claims are often based on the doctor’s recommendations and are not necessarily based on actual symptoms or injuries.

Second, if a patient does not have pre:disorders, the patient can be billed for an emergency room visit.

The hospital can use that to make an estimate of the amount of costs that it will incur for the patient, which may include additional charges for testing, medications and other care.

The federal government has made emergency room visits one of the few places that patients have a right to know how much they’re paying for care.

In October, the Trump administration said it would take steps to change that.

In a memorandum signed on Oct. 1, President Donald Trump called on states to implement a rule that would force hospitals to report the cost of hospital visits to the federal government.

“When the patient has an underlying health condition that makes them more likely to require care, the costs for care are passed on to patients,” the memo reads.

“But, in the absence of that reporting, many hospitals and other health care providers may be able to charge patients more than they are entitled to.”

While the rule is being drafted, it will likely take years for states to make changes.

That’s because hospitals are legally required to report how much their emergency rooms cost to the government.

The rules have been in place for a decade, but many states have only recently implemented the rules.

For example, New Jersey’s hospitals and health care provider commission was created in 2016.

The commission is supposed to have 15 members, but it only has six members.

The New Jersey Medical Association also has three members.

In states that have not yet implemented the rule, hospitals can still bill patients based on what they charge their physicians.

In addition, the rules do not apply to emergency room patients, and they are not subject to Medicare’s coverage rules.

But for patients who need to be treated in the hospital for a serious medical condition, the rule can make a difference.

In 2014, more patients in New Jersey received emergency room treatment than any other state in the country, according the state’s Department of Health.

The department also reported that New Jersey hospitals spend about $10 billion a year on emergency room services.

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