I’ve always had a fascination with internal medicine journals.

I’ve tried them all, but this is the one that really struck me.

I’m not talking about the scientific ones, the ones that give you the results of a clinical trial or the ones with the high standards.

I want to see the human side.

In the last five years I’ve read about more than 40 of these journals and I have to say that every one of them has an interesting story behind it.

I have not yet read one of the journals that doesn’t give me an emotional response.

And when I read the human stories, I want that story to stay out of the medical journal.

The stories of doctors, of nurses, of people who have gone through this sort of thing, it’s just incredible to read.

So, the reason why I wrote this article was because I wanted to know what doctors thought about this, what nurses said about it, what patients said about the idea of having an internal medicine practitioner who could talk to you about anything.

And what nurses did.

The doctors are like, well, that sounds amazing.

So I asked the nurses what they thought.

And then I started talking to the doctors themselves.

So it became a bit of a story that the doctors are just really excited about.

So what do the doctors think?

How much do they agree with the idea?

What do they disagree with it?

What’s the main complaint?

I started by asking the doctors what they felt, and then I asked a few other doctors what their views were.

So when I interviewed a number of doctors who have worked in the area of internal medicine in the last 10 years, they all agreed that internal medicine should be a professional area.

And the thing that really stuck out was that the medical profession as a whole is in agreement with the doctors’ views.

When you start talking to doctors in the community, and you ask them, well what would you like to see from the internal medicine profession in the next five years?

What are the big issues that need to be addressed?

And you’re like, what are the biggest concerns?

And then you start thinking about that.

And that is the most powerful thing to do.

And if you can get a lot of people to feel like that, it really can change the way the profession looks at medicine.

You don’t have to get everybody on the same page.

So if you ask the doctors how much they agree, what do they think, what would they do differently if they were in charge of an internal practice?

And what do you do with that?

So that’s the power of the community and the power to bring in ideas and to listen to the community.

And I think that’s what has happened.

The public has really started to accept that internal physicians should be professionals, and that it’s not about being a specialist, that it is about being honest about what is happening in your body.

And so that’s really been a real change.

The thing that we are seeing is that the number of patients who need to see a doctor has decreased dramatically over the last few years.

So there is a lot more demand for a doctor in that population.

And this is something that has been true in many countries, but it’s happening in Australia.

The number of people needing to see doctors has also decreased in the past five years.

That is a very good thing.

But there is another important thing.

There is no longer a focus on having a doctor who is a specialist.

In fact, the number is dropping.

The reason is that we have a large population of patients that have very different types of chronic conditions that are not well managed by a particular doctor.

So they don’t need to have a specialist doctor who can see them.

And there are other things as well.

And they all come down to this idea that the quality of the service should be high.

And it’s all very clear.

There are doctors in our community who have seen the same type of patients for many years, and they are all very satisfied.

But what is the quality that the community wants?

And that’s something that the health professionals in our area are keen to see.

So we have got to work together to bring that about, because if we don’t, the community won’t accept that a doctor is really a specialist when it’s actually a nurse who’s just trying to help patients.

The truth is that a lot doctors and nurses have an ethical obligation to do what they say.

And many people do it anyway, but they need to learn a bit about how they can tell the difference.

But you also have to be able to have an open and honest conversation about what you are doing and what you believe is right.

That’s the best way to achieve that.

The bottom line is that it will take time to get people to accept the idea that doctors and nursing are not specialists.

And ultimately it’s

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