The head of Bronson Internal Medicine is stepping down to take a job in China, where the medical care provider is one of the biggest players in the health care industry.

The company announced Friday that Dr. Richard Bronson, the company’s president and chief medical officer, will be leaving Bronson to join the Guangdong provincial government in Guangdongs province.

The move is Bronson’s second trip to China in less than a year.

In March, he was the keynote speaker at the first-ever Chinese internal medicine conference in Shanghai.

Bronson is also the founder and president of Bronsons Internal Medicine Association, which represents doctors from the U.S., U.K., Australia and elsewhere in the world.

Bronsons was founded in 2010 by Bronson and his wife, former CEO Dr. David Bronson.

The Brons were among the first to use medical technology to treat people with terminal illnesses in the U