The doctors who are best suited to your health are often not those you know best.

A study by a Boston-based company found that physicians who are well-liked tend to be more likely to treat the same patients in the same way and are more likely than those who are not to prescribe more expensive drugs.

More than 80% of the people in the study who were surveyed said they were satisfied with their doctor, while less than 20% said they would be dissatisfied, according to the Harvard Medical School, which published the study.

The study also found that doctors who were well-known to their patients had higher rates of prescribing drugs, even when the drug was not the most expensive.

When the survey asked about the patients’ health, doctors with more patients, including those who were hospitalized, had higher prescribing rates than those without.

It also found some of the doctors who patients thought were the best were not as good.

The study, published online in the American Journal of Medicine, found that if a doctor is perceived to be well-meaning, they are more inclined to prescribe expensive medications.

The study also determined that doctors with high ratings of personal responsibility, like empathy, empathy for others, and a strong sense of responsibility were also more likely, on average, to prescribe higher doses of the drugs they prescribed.

A person’s perceptions of their doctor could also affect their prescribing habits, according the study authors.

Dr. Mary-Anne Koczela, the study’s lead author, said that the study indicates doctors’ perceptions of themselves affect their ability to prescribe drugs that are more expensive.

“What this tells us is that the perception of a doctor matters,” Kocsela said.

“When a doctor tells you, ‘You should get more money,’ that is not the same as telling you, you should get less money,” she said.

“When you hear someone say, ‘I’m going to prescribe a $400 drug to a patient who’s in a hospital,’ you can’t assume they’re telling you the truth.

You’re telling the opposite.”‘

My doctor is good’The study is the latest in a string of studies showing doctors are more willing to prescribe to patients with poor or moderate health, but there is no definitive evidence that doctors are better than others at doing it.

The Harvard Medical College study found that only 5% of doctors were as good at prescribing as other doctors at prescribing drugs.

It also found doctors who treated a larger percentage of patients were more likely if they had high ratings.

Drinking and other habits that are common among doctors, like smoking and binge drinking, are often blamed for increasing health care costs.

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